Are you ready for Clear Results?

Introducing The Vis-a-Vis Acne Clinic!

The Vis-a-Vis Acne Clinic utilizes a proven acne management program, designed to quickly and effectively clear acne lesions while preventing future breakouts. Most clients have experienced 95% clearer skin within three to six months — all without the use of harsh prescriptions.

Exceptional Care

Our state licensed estheticians will provide you with powerful skincare services and coaching sessions to educate you about your skin’s unique needs and help you achieve your healthiest possible skin. Our process is based on the groundbreaking research of Dr. James Fulton Jr., one of the leading dermatologists in acne management and a creator of Retin-A®.

Clear Results!

This is not a quick-fix for your skin concerns because one does not exist. The Vis-a-Vis Acne Clinic is determined to work with you to significantly impact the way you care for your skin and find a regimen that will get you clear and keep you clear. Come experience individualized, effective acne care right here in Ann Arbor!